Mediscan Naxos

The DIAGNOSTIC RADIOLOGY CENTER MEDISCAN NAXOS is a modern diagnostic radiology center, with imaging equipment of high tech and staff specialist doctors and technologists in order to be able to offer absolutely valid medical diagnoses. For this reason it has been linked in a scientific forum with two large Diagnostic Radiology Centers, the IPPOKRATEIO OF IOANNINA and the IATRIKI APIKONISI OF VOLOS, in order to promote science and to create infrastructures of effective communication in a scientific and technological level.

By organizing and participating into conferences, information days and educational programs and via the continuous exchange of opinions and human resources, we interact, we go through and we exploit  the collective experience, we go deep into and we enrich the know how.

The common goal is the continuous harmonization with the scientific evolution, the access to the state of the art technology, the most modern radio diagnostic equipment and the training in its use. 

Three important diagnostic radiology centers (Ioannina, Volos, Naxos) serving the Greek region, by exceeding the geographic separations and by uniting our forces in order to promote and support the common scientific goals having as a target the provision of health services of consistently high standards towards the citizens.

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