Ultrasound Department  - Vessel Triplex

digital ultrasonographer - Mediscan Naxos

The department is equipped with a digital ultrasonographer which belongs to the latest generation, with full diagnostic programs, advanced imaging techniques and variety of ultrasound transducers, which offer imaging of high resolution for all the diagnostic medical examinations. This equipment in combination with the highly trained medical staff, permit the diagnostic approach of vascular problems (triplex colour ultrasonography), as well as the diseases of all the organs of the body. 

The contribution of the ultrasound department is significant to the prenatal fetal screening and the diagnostic approach of the soft tissues and joints diseases. In this department is also performed an interventional ultrasonography (guided punctures and biopsies) as well as intracavitary ultrasonographies (transcretal - transvaginal ultrasound). It is also performed a breast ultrasound imaging. All the medical examinations have the ability of their further processing as well as their recording and storage to digital disks CD or DVD.